Jewellery Care

Looking after your jewellery….

Your jewellery is precious and needs a little love and care.

It is strongly advised that any perfumed products, skin creams etc are applied and allowed to dry before putting on your jewellery as sterling silver can react with tarnishing to some perfumed products.

Do not wear your jewellery whilst swimming or whilst bathing/showering as water can cause tarnishing. Swimming pools or natural springs will cause extreme tarnishing.

It is advised that you do not wear your jewellery whilst undertaking any physical activity to both save it from being damaged if it is caught as well as protecting it from perspiration which can also cause extreme tarnishing.

Do not store your jewellery in damp conditions or near heating sources as this can cause extreme tarnishing.

We normally include a sealable small bag which is perfect for storing your jewellery in when it’s not being worn as it protects it from conditions which may cause tarnish.

To keep your jewellery bright and clean we suggest a regular buff up with a silver cloth. A quick search online should find stockists for silver cloths.

You can also use a silver dip solution to brighten your silver jewellery. Dip your item in the solution and then rinse in clear running water (put the plug in the sink). Once rinsed leave to dry and then finish by buffing with a silver cloth. If your jewellery includes any gemstone beads or pearls then take care not to allow these to be dipped in the solution.

If you have any further questions about caring for or cleaning your jewellery please do get in touch.